Meet Meghan

Over the last decade, Meghan has witnessed the riding of Waterloo become more socially and economically diverse while maintaining its community feel. The Waterloo Region has made its mark on the global stage and needs strong federal leadership to continue to grow. This is why Meghan chose to serve as your Conservative Candidate.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, her interests in the environment, community and economic development led her to the University of Waterloo where she earned a Master’s of Environmental Studies in Tourism Policy and Planning and then a Ph.D in Geography, with a focus on local economic development.

Initially involved as a volunteer, Meghan later managed a local non-profit that serves the needs of at-risk youth experiencing mental health issues, addiction and homelessness. These are serious issues that touch our entire community and country, and ones which Meghan is passionate about. More recently, her work in public policy at the provincial level has focused on various issues related to northern development, energy and Indigenous Affairs.

Meghan wants to serve as your next Member of Parliament because the people of Waterloo deserve strong, accountable leadership. She will fight for the issues that matter most to us, and reinforce the values of personal responsibility, commitment to community and responsible government.

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